Oy-House - dwell.com, 03/13/2008

Unlike Tokyo, where the life expectancy of a building is a matter of decades, the nearby city of Kyoto takes great pride in its architectural legacy. Hundreds of Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples are scattered throughout the city and its suburbs, some dating as far back as the 5th century. As you can imagine, everything is relative when your structural roots are so long-reaching: As I approached the blazing orange gate of the Heian Shinto shrine, my guide Kana commented that it was “only 110 years old”—a young building, by Kyoto’s standards, but a relic to a New Yorker like me.

But despite its keen awareness of the past, Kyoto is home to a small number of active, innovative young architects, including F.O.B. Association. Shown here is their latest project, the Oy-HOUSE, completed last October. The link below will tour you through the two-story, 72-square-meter wooden home.

Oy HouseOy House