Teepee-like table offers a classy option
- The San Francisco Chronicle, 10/04/2009

Ask a 6-year-old to draw a table and the result will likely be a four-cornered, four-legged phenomenon. If this looks suspiciously like your dining table, we say: time to think outside the box.

To start, there's the 1949 Guéridon Table by Jean Prouvé, whose oak legs radiate from the center of its circular top. The clean lines and tapering proportions of the legs - coupled by Prouvé's choice of natural materials - have made the Guéridon a modernist classic (as Vitra's retail price range of $2,740 to $3,060 attests. Available at hivemodern.com).

Over the course of its lifetime, the Guéridon has inspired other teepee-like designs:
De La Espada, a designer and manufacturer of wood furniture, has sold the 018 Round Table for $1,795 since 2006. The simple design - four central legs that splay out from the center of its round, 39.4-inch-deep tabletop - is available in four timber options, ranging from blond oak to black walnut, all with an oil finish. The wood used in De La Espada products is sustainably harvested in the United States, though the designs themselves are manufactured in Portugal (nest-living.com).

Should this seem too pricey, check out the Teepee Dining Table by CB2, which retails for $369 (cb2.com). Like the 018, the table stands 30-inches high, and is supported by outward-radiating, white-oak legs. But key differences also set them apart: The Teepee tabletop is larger (48 inches in diameter) and made of clear, nontempered glass.

So take it from the teepee table's many types: Cutting corners isn't always a bad thing.

$3,060 Guéridon Table in oak$3,060 Guéridon Table in oak by Jean Prouvé from Vitra